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DI Plan Stewards

The Davis Islands Community Plan Stewardship Team is responsible for advancing implementation of the Davis Islands Community Plan, consistent with the plan’s vision and strategies. The Stewardship Team is a guiding and coordinating group responsible for working with stakeholders to implement the plan. As a facilitator, the Team works together with the City of Tampa and the community to make sure plan implementation happens.

Implementing actions are carried out through a variety of entities, including the City administration and other public agencies, the Davis Islands Civic Association, and DI businesses, institutions, private organizations and residents.

The Stewardship Team brings stakeholders together, advocates on behalf of the plan’s vision and strategic actions, and is a central point of information about the status of plan implementation.  The Stewardship Team disseminates information to the community and encourages community feedback on the progress and quality of the work to implement the plan.

The following information details the composition, structure and function of the Stewardship Team during the plan’s implementation phase. A specific number of voting members representing stakeholder interests comprise the Stewardship Team; and a specific number of non-voting City liaisons are identified. Also described are the internal structure and functions of the team as well as the team’s operating procedures.

Team Composition: The Team is comprised of eleven (11) members, representing specific interests. Interest categories are listed below. The number in parentheses indicates the number of representatives from each category.

-Davis Islands Civic Association representative appointed by the organization (1)

– Merchant Association representative appointed by the organization, if the organization exists (1);  OR, a Village business representative. If business representative, this is an elected position (1).

– Davis Islands Garden Club representative appointed by the organization (1)

– Tampa General Hospital representative appointed by TGH (1)

– Hillsborough Aviation Authority / Peter O. Knight Airport representative appointed by HAA (1)

– Davis Islands Residents elected by Team (4)

– DI Village property owner or business owner elected by Team (1)

– Hillsborough Community College representative appointed by HCC (1)    

Member Length of Term: Team Members representing organizations which appoint them to the Stewardship Team do not have terms. Team Members representing themselves volunteer and are elected by the Team to serve a term. The initial elected-member terms (beginning in January 2009) are staggered, with three (3) members serving a two-year term and three (3) members serving a three-year term. Succeeding terms are three-year terms.

Member Alternates: A member may designate an alternate, to be confirmed by the Team, to attend meetings that the member is unable to attend and to vote on the member’s behalf.

Team Meetings: Meetings are held quarterly, usually the third Tuesday in February, May, September and November. The Team may replace any member who misses a total of three (3) consecutive meetings. A member is not considered absent if the member’s designated alternate attends the meeting on the member’s behalf.

Team Structure and Function: The eleven-member Team elects a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. Officers are elected bi-annually. Officers comprise an executive committee which can have specified duties in addition to those listed below, if authorized by the Team.

Chair (Team Leader) – represents group to others; prepares Team meeting agendas; sets meeting schedule with consensus of the Team and reserves meeting location; delegates tasks as appropriate, including designation of a team member as administrative assist, if desired.

Vice Chair – assumes responsibilities of the chair when the chair is unable to do so; may have other responsibilities as delegated by chair.

Secretary – records the proceedings of the team meetings as summary minutes for approval by the Team; maintains Team letterhead and the records of the Team including minutes and correspondence, or delegates to administrative assistant if one is designated by chair.


One way to organize to advance plan strategies is to form work groups (or subcommittees), chaired by a Team member. Members of a work group can be Team members as well as Islands residents and other stakeholders who are not Team members. Work groups report to the Team on their progress, for needed direction from the Team, and for any needed action by the Team.


Maintaining community interest in the work of the Stewardship Team and inviting participation from the community also fall under public relations/outreach activities. For example, an annual informal, interactive community forum could be organized to educate and encourage participation in plan implementation.

Public Outreach activities can be divided among team members or assigned to one team member, as deemed appropriate by the Team. Activities include advertising the meetings and other activities of the Stewardship Team on the DI Civic Association website as well as posting an annual update each February on the status of plan implementation which summarizes the past year’s progress in making the Plan’s vision a reality.

Operating Procedures

Meetings of the DI Plan Stewardship Team are conducted as informally as possible, relying on Robert’s Rules of Order to resolve procedural issues. In addition, the Team follows the procedures described below:

Meetings Open to Public; Meeting Notice

All meetings of the DI Plan Stewardship Team are open to the public, and the meeting location will be accessible by the public. Notice of Team meetings will be posted on the DI Civic Association website and via a sign at the apex installed a reasonable time prior to the meeting, but no later than 24 hours before a meeting. Members will receive the meeting agenda and any accompanying meeting material via email. Others who have requested meeting notice will be sent the meeting agenda and materials via email. The emailing list will be updated and revised as needed during the year.

Record of Meetings

The proceedings of Stewardship Team meetings will be recorded by the Secretary for approval by the Team and then posted at in the form of summary meeting minutes.


1. For the purpose of conducting the business of the Stewardship Team, a quorum of the Team,  comprised of a majority of the filled member positions, must be present.

2. The Team has the discretion to delay a vote on a matter until more members are present

3. A motion must be favored by a majority of those present to pass.


Because Liaisons are the Team’s primary contacts with the City Administration, the Team’s good working relationship with its Liaisons is important to the success of plan implementation.

There are three (3) designated Team Liaisons, representing City government departments, as listed below. The individuals representing the departments are designated by City Administration.

Tampa Planning and Development Department

Tampa Parks and Recreation Department

Tampa Transportation and Stormwater Services Department