Join our Green Initiative!

Davis Islands Civic Association is committed to improving the quality of life on our islands, and creating value for our members & residents.

The Green Initiative will work to partner with both Businesses and residents to promote best practices that will reduce waste that ends up in our streets, waterways and landfills, and to promote the adoption of business practices that will help reduce/eliminate:

  • Single use plastics — straws/plates/utensils/bags
  • Polystyrene Containers — cups and “To Go” containers
  • Yard waste and runoff

We encourage all residents to join us, and help by:

  • Bringing cloth bags when we shop
  • Recycling plastic bags when provided
  • Not requesting straws / using recyclable straws
  • Adopting the 4 Rs of plastic elimination:  Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
  • Practicing thoughtful landscaping.  Embrace organic lawn maintenance practices and use native or Florida-friendly plants to reduce toxic pesticides, nutrient run-off, and irrigation needs.
  • Connect to reclaimed water for irrigation if not already.
  • Employ landscape care professionals who compost waste or remove excess waste to landfills, instead of blowing it into streets or stormwater drains.
  • Supporting our businesses that have taken and embraced our pledge as partners.
  • Encouraging / working with the City of Tampa to promote commercial recycling for our businesses.

We will work to provide educational materials and resources to our members, and to work with our elected officials to further promote recycling & best practices throughout our community.

To join our Green Initiative, Contact __________.