Name That Park Bench contest


As you jog, stroll or bike, please stop to enjoy three park benches purchased by the Davis Islands Civic Association.

The first two green benches were installed under shady Grand Oak trees, one on S. Davis Blvd, just past Marmora Avenue, and one at Sea Plane Basin Park overlooking Tampa Bay.

“They’re always waiting for you when you’re out for a run or walk, when you catch your breath or stop and do a few dips or lunges and enjoy the incredible views on Davis Islands,”  said Lorraine Parrino, chairwoman of the DICA tree committee. The benches were purchased at a cost of $2,000 each.

For the first bench, the DICA board voted to recognize Tampa General Hospital with a Thank You plaque “dedicated to all of the healthcare workers who risked their lives and safety during the Covid-19 pandemic,” she said.

For the second bench plaque, DICA borrowed a few lyrics from the Beatles hit song, Here Comes the Sun, with a few musical notes.

“It’s a wonderful spot for bird, plane and people watching,” Parrino said.

Now, Bench No. 3 is on the way and DICA needs your help deciding what should be inscribed on its brass plaque.

“We can’t wait to see your creative ideas,” said DICA president Kathy Farzanagan.

“And we’ll have a creative prize for the winner, along with a dedication ceremony to unveil the inscription.”

“Park benches are important community assets… the perfect place to sit and count all the blessings of living on Davis Islands,” said Farzanegan


Let’s get creative, Davis Islanders!

Please submit your entries, maximum of three short lines, to fit on a small, rectangular brass plaque.E-mail your entries to president@dicivic.org

Deadline is August 31, 2022.

DICA board members will choose the winner at the Sept. 6, 2022 board meeting.


Remember a loved one, celebrate a special occasion or promote your business or special event with a dedication bench, $2,000, or tree, $300, which includes a plaque with the wording of your choice. Visit www.keeptampabaybeautiful.org for more information.