Join Our Green Initiative!

DICA is committed to improving the quality of life on our islands, and creating value for our members & residents.  All residents are invited to join!

The Green Initiative partners with businesses & residents to promote best practices that reduce waste that ends up in our streets, waterways and landfills.  These include reducing/eliminating:

  • Single use plastics — straws/plates/utensils/bags
  • Polystyrene Containers — cups and “To Go” containers
  • Yard waste and runoff
Live Updates

Read our column in the Aug 2021 edition of Davis Islands Living.
• If you have questions about a tree’s removal or pruning, call City of Tampa’s Tree Hotline 813-259-1664.
Homeowner’s Guide for Going Green
The Business Case for Going Green
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Resident Best Practices
  • Bringing cloth bags when we shop
  • Recycling plastic bags when provided
  • Not requesting straws / using recyclable straws
  • Adopting the 4 Rs of plastic elimination:  Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle
  • Practicing thoughtful landscaping.  Embrace organic lawn maintenance practices and use native or Florida-friendly plants to reduce toxic pesticides, nutrient run-off, and irrigation needs.
  • Connect to reclaimed water for irrigation if not already.
  • Employ landscape care professionals who compost waste or remove excess waste to landfills, instead of blowing it into streets or stormwater drains.
  • Supporting our businesses that have taken and embraced our pledge as partners.
  • Encouraging / working with the City of Tampa to promote commercial recycling for our businesses.

Business Best Practices

• Use Best Efforts to eliminate single use plastics from your business
• Replace plastic take-out bags with paper.
• Train staff to ask patrons if they want a bag before providing one
• Replace plastic straws, stirs, glasses, plates and utensils with bio-degradable
• If not practical offer straws and stirs only on request
• Train staff to inquire if utensils are needed for take home meals
• Replace polystyrene take home containers/cups with biodegradable
• Consider a small discount for initial drink servings if patrons bring their own cup (nonalcohol of course)
• Provide/encourage all employees to have their own re-useable water bottle/cups
• Avoid use of harsh chemicals
• Re-use/recycle plastics used in your business (hangers/bags etc.)
• Provide patrons with ability to purchase re-useable bags/straws
• Engage landscapers who will commit to bagging refuse – not blowing into storm drains
• Engage other service providers who embrace organic lawn maintenance practices to reduce toxic pesticides

Recycling Guidelines
View City of Tampa’s Brochure here for a list of recycling guidelines.

Disposal of Hazardous Waste
Click Here for a list of locations to bring hazardous waste such as paint, cleaners, and batteries.

List of DI Green Businesses
These businesses have committed to the Green Initiative.  Please visit them to support their efforts, and let us know if your business would like to be a part of the Initiative.

  • Davis Islands Animal Clinic, 225 E Davis Blvd  813-251-4384.
  • Davis Islands Garden Club, 81 Columbia Dr.
  • Davis Islands Pharmacy, 232 E Davis Blvd.
  • Davis Islands Yacht Club, 1315 Severn Ave.
  • Fisher & Associates, 229 E Davis Blvd.
  • Frijouf, Rust, & Pyle, 201 E Davis Blvd.
  • Hudson Manor, 115 E Davis Blvd.
  • Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, 25 Davis Blvd.
  • Molly Malone’s Pub, 304 E Davis Blvd.
  • Oggi Italian Restaurant, 236 E Davis Blvd.
  • Oggi Pizzeria & Market, 218 E Davis Blvd.
  • Pioneer Cleaners, 238 E Davis Blvd #101.
  • Proforma, 205 E Davis Blvd.
  • Richard A. Bokor, Esq, 230 E Davis Blvd.
  • TeBella Tea Company, 227 E Davis Blvd.

To join our Green Initiative, Contact Bob Abberger at